Xploration Coastline Freshwater Conference ~ Invite Only

Let’s get ready! Hurricane season 2022 is due…

A 3-day scenario driven conference in which we dig into regional Humanitarian Disaster Response Operations. In this conference we will get you thinking about new innovative solutions. As a carrier wave for this thinking process we will introduce Xploration Coastline.

Xploration Coastline

Xploration Coastline is a mission driven roadmap towards a floatable desalination plant capable of producing more than 1.000.000 liters (265.000 gallons) of water per day autonomously and without a footprint.

Benefits for you

Xploration Coastline is a movement. A movement in which community engagement and responsible innovation is key. Enhancing local human capital, creating jobs, accelerating climate resilience and supporting social impact & SDG ambitions. Our first milestone is to have an initial version of the concept ready for operation before hurricane season 2023. Become part of this movement and join the 3-day conference in May to share your personal experiences and knowledge when it comes down to Humanitarian Relief Operations and/or Power-2-H2O infrastructure!

Outline of program May 17th-19th

Three pressure cooker sessions define the 3-day program of this conference. Each pressure cooker will be introduced by a real-life scenario designed by subject matter experts in the field:

  1. Re-thinking pre-planned, cost-efficient and sustainable Humanitarian Disaster Relief Operation in the Caribbean
  2. Backup-scenarios for redundant (potable) water infrastructure
  3. Multiplying the case for impact: scenario to expedite resilient and smart Small Island Development State (SIDS) ambitions


At the end of the conference we have:

  • Aligned Caribbean Humanitarian Disaster Relief Operations amongst practitioners and subject matter experts;
  • Addressed and designed specifications, standards and requirements of sea-to-land-based distribution in the Caribbean;
  • Xplored the usability of a floating sustainable freshwater source for (1) Humanitarian Disaster Response Operations, (2) off-grid redundancy for power and water infrastructure and (3) a roadmap towards regional climate resilience and future proof small island states.

Detailed Program

Check out the detailed program outline.

Join Xploration Coastline!

You make Xploration Coastline. Follow your intrinsic motivation. Bring your Xpertise and your Xperience. Let’s drive the impact we would like to make together.

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Stakeholder conference co-hosted by UNICEF and Dutch representatives of Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Curacao, Aruba and St. Maarten.




May 17 - 19 2022


AST (GMT -4)
All Day

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 17 - 19 2022
  • Time: All Day


Avila Beach Hotel


Avila Beach Hotel
Willemstad, Curacao



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