Founding Story

The Founder

"Due to the fact that leadership is limited by the boundaries of the context in which people work, I do not believe that profound leadership alone is going to be enough. Besides optimization, transition and reorganizations efforts we must also identify new systematic options."

Berend van de Kraats, as submarine captain in the Royal Netherlands Navy, founded OceansX. Based on his experiences during numerous missions he experienced how much leadership comes down to facilitating inspiration and endeavors of others.

Berend acknowledged that the complex issues we face as a community demand a system-overarching concept. For real change and sustainable solutions connections between people from all sectors and organizations is required. This led to the foundation of OceansX on June 12th, 2019.

"OceansX gives me hope. Hope that my children can join our society in ten years time and contribute for who they are and as they are. Also hope that this environment, with increased diversity and connectivity, generates a movement towards new standards of creative power. Providing answers for the increasing complexity and volatility of our world and that of our children."